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Welcome to IRCnet #help

Please note the rest of this site is not updated in quite a while (2020-01-02)

Please try your search engine of choice before asking a question on #help. See also our FAQ and rules.

It will not hurt to have read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and Basic IRC etiquette.

You need an IRC Client to connect to IRC servers. If you do not want to install an IRC client on your computer, you can also access IRCnet via webchat.

A list of IRCnet servers can be found here - you will need to use one situated in the country you connect from.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions and their answers can be found on the FAQ page.

General rules of #help

  • Speak English
  • Ask the question and have patience
  • Do not repeat and/or SHOUT

Please see our detailed rules for more information.

IRC networks

If you are looking for help with networks or servers other than IRCnet, below are a few addresses to get you going. Please do not ask us about them as we don't know how other networks work.

Even more networks can be found at or