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Help channels

  • #aiuto - Italian *dead?*
  • #help - English
  • - Italian *dead?*
  • - Dutch *dead?*
  • #hilfe - German *dead?*
  • #pomoc - Polish

General IRC

  • #IRCd - IRC Daemon/Server *replace by !ircd?*
  • #IRChelp - Official IRCnet help channel -
  • #IRCnet
  • #new2irc - IRC Help and chat channel *dead?*

IRC clients

  • #BitchX
  • #irssi
  • #mIRC
  • #XChat *dead?*

IRC robots

  • #Eggdrop
  • #Egghelp *dead?*

Other topics

  • #coders - Programming related
  • #Linux
  • #Windows - Microsoft Windows related things

Special topics

There is an extensive (but incomplete) IRCnet channel list at

See our FAQ about /LIST and Alis

If you are looking for the channel of a project, as for example found on and can't find such channel on IRCnet, try looking for #nameoftheproject on the irc:// or irc:// IRC servers.

There is also a big gaming community on irc://

Not a channel or a network, but lists networks, servers and channels, worth a look. The same goes for (IRCnet section at